Announcing ABC 2017: Tallinn 25-27 November!

We know what you have all been thinking about the past couple of weeks: Isn’t it about time that they announced the next edition of ABC? Isn’t one year enough of a break? So, we are here with some news: we have gathered our strength, refreshed our minds with new ideas and increased our level […]

Exciting news about ABC2015

It is that time of the year when we bring you news about new edition of ABC. However, instead of announcing the location and dates, this year we have more exciting news to share: new leadership of the ABC team. Krzysztof Kobyłecki a.k.a. Chris Moose, alumni of LBG Kraków, is taking lead of the new […]

90+ applications

Out of more than 90 applications we received in June, we already have more than 60 confirmed participants. This is a great sign as it is already a bigger number than in the first years of ABC. It still has a potential to surpass last years’ 84 participants as it is common to have both […]

4th edition of ABC is coming to central region – Budapest

Budapest has been called the financial hub and soul of Central Europe, so it only fits to have there the 4th edition of ABC. Mark the dates 10th to 12th of October, and follow this page, or our twitter and facebook for updates. The applications typically open somewhere in May/June. See you in Budapest!

The report is out!

The third edition of ABC is long over and we are happy to present you with the report of the amazing event. You can find it by clicking here

More and more workshops!

Wanna hear some news? Due to the fact that ABC was so popular this year and we need to keep all these wonderful participants busy somehow, we had to arrange extra workshops. And guess what? We currently have 8 workshops distributed in 2 sessions! You can find the descriptions for all of them in the […]

The sessions of ABC 2013 are online!

Curious to know what will happen in ABC this year? Then hurry up and check the program of the event! Several sessions with presentations, business pitches, mentoring, Open Space Technology, Workshops but also networking and fun are waiting our participants. 17 days and today are separating us with the beginning of the third edition of […]

Content: workshops announced

We are happy and proud to announce our first two confirmed workshops for ABC 2013! Hurraaaay! In total we’re targeting to 6-8 workshops, split in two sessions: one on Saturday evening and one on Sunday morning. We are in contact with participants, experts and entrepreneurs to enrich the program of ABC 2013 with even more […]


Curious about our venue? We are feverishly preparing everything for a great third edition of ABC and we have some updates to share about our venue. The event will take place in SleepWell hostel, located in Brussels city center, 5′ walking from Brussels north station. A recently renovated hostel with fully equipped working rooms. The […]

Confirmations begin

We contacted all the accepted participants and received most of your confirmation emails. If you didn’t already, please remember to pay 40 Euros as part of fee and send back your confirmation email. We are looking forward to see al of you, but in the unfortunate circumstance you cannot make it, you can cancel your […]