This year’s presentations and workshops will be around the theme of digital transformation. Here’s a short teaser of what that might actually mean!
If you have any ideas for talks or workshops – whether they fit this topic, entrepreneurship in general, or something else entirely – reach out to us at

“When bits meet businesses”
The time that an “internet business” was a thing is long gone. Digital technologies have invaded even the most traditional brick-and-mortar business and industry. This creates fantastic opportunities for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, as well as huge (and perhaps painful) change for previously low-tech incumbents. This event is all about how digital affects old business models, and how you can take advantage of that.

Here are some examples of startups and projects we’d like to see on this year’s ABC:

  • Subscription models for FMCGs attacking traditional retail distribution
  • Artificial intelligence that makes workers obsolete
  • Data projects that transform industrial operations
  • Online-to-Offline marketing businesses turning the ecommerce evolution on its head
  • Augmented reality companies that invent new customer interaction formats
  • Nursing or home-care solutions that make hospitals look amateuristic
  • IoT solutions generating rivers of data where there was none before
  • Online education that undermine even ivy league schools
  • Everything-as-a-Service businesses, out to eliminate the very concept of ownership

…and much more