Announcing ABC 2017: Tallinn 25-27 November!

We know what you have all been thinking about the past couple of weeks: Isn’t it about time that they announced the next edition of ABC? Isn’t one year enough of a break?

So, we are here with some news: we have gathered our strength, refreshed our minds with new ideas and increased our level of motivation. And we couldn’t agree more with you, one year of a break is more than enough. That is why, we are happy to announce that we are organising a new edition of ABC this year!

Are you curious to know more details about it? Then read on!

ABC (standing for Alumni Business Camp) is an event targeted at alumni of BEST with the scope of networking, learning about entrepreneurship, exchanging ideas, and collaborating while having fun. The first edition was organised in 2011 in Berlin and after 5 consecutive editions, we decided to take a break for a year. But here we are, planning and organising ABC 2017!

This year’s edition will be organised in one of the most dynamic places in Europe, with regard to entrepreneurship: Tallinn, the capital of Estonia! The city, and the country in general, do not only boast a very advanced e-society (promoted by the term ‘E-stonia’), but also a great environment for business, entrepreneurship and innovation. The exact location of the event is not known yet, but we are looking for options that are centrally located and easily reachable. If you have any ideas, just ping us.

ABC will take place from Saturday 25th until Monday 27th of November. We aim at keeping the usual starting and stopping hours for Saturday and Monday respectively (around noon), to ease the arrival and departure of the participants.

What’s new in this edition?
The elapse of one year without ABC could only be justified with extra creativity for the event, that is why we have some new things to spice up this year’s edition. Here are some teasers:

  • ABC 2017 will have a theme! We are currently busy brainstorming on the content of the event and plan to have a big part of the event directly connected to the theme.
  • ABC 2017 will feature a post-event program! We refer to it with codename ‘DEF’ and it will run from 27th until 29th of November. This will allow participants to continue working on their ABC ideas and help bridge ABC with Slush, for those that wish to join both events.
  • ABC 2017 will be from Saturday to Monday! To accommodate the post-event program and try something new, we will shift the usual days of the event. We hope that this will also make it easier for participants to travel to and from the event.

This is all for now, but there is more coming! We will keep you updated on the progress of the organisation and you can expect the beginning of the application period sometime in the beginning of June. In the meantime, you can follow updates on this website, twitter account or facebook page!

The organising team
Filip, Stijn, Tassos

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