Exciting news about ABC2015

It is that time of the year when we bring you news about new edition of ABC. However, instead of announcing the location and dates, this year we have more exciting news to share: new leadership of the ABC team. Krzysztof Kobyłecki a.k.a. Chris Moose, alumni of LBG Kraków, is taking lead of the new generation of ABC(s). Read on to find out more and expect an email with details about ABC2015 from Chris in the coming weeks.

Four years ago Alumni Business Camp was born out of one email sent to our alumni mailing list that sparked the desire for us to connect, network and learn from each other on a professional level. From Berlin, through Barcelona and Brussels, to Budapest (notice a pattern?) together we got inspired by both success and failure stories from our friends, dared each other to quit our day job, gave feedback to new ideas and much, much more.

With each edition we tried to innovate, improve and make ABC even better. Changing the location and always getting new members in the organizing team helped us do that. And now it is time to make a bigger change.

We (Tassos and Filip) have been in charge (for better or worse :)) from the very beginning. It was a pleasure and an exciting challenge to plan the event. Starting from a simple schedule in Berlin to parallel tracks with presentations, workshops, mentoring and networking in Budapest, we’ve done our best to improve the quality and bring content for the diverse interest of ABC participants. Now it is time for us to look at other challenges and let fresh ideas and leadership bring ABC to the new level.

Chris is working as an Associate at the Innovation Nest, a seed/VC fund in Kraków. In the past two years he helped us with the content for ABC and showed interest to help even more in the future. We approached Chris because we believed that his passion, experience and network are a perfect match to take the lead of the ABC team. And we were happy when he, after serious consideration, accepted the challenge. Since then we had several calls to ensure understanding of tasks and a proper knowledge transfer.

So this is it. The start of the new era of ABC (and maybe it’s time to break the pattern :)). More information about ABC2015 will follow from Chris in the next weeks.

Goodbye for now,
Tassos and Filip

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